Theatre Aurora's Board of Directors


The Board of Directors at Theatre Aurora is made up of 12 members in good standing who are each elected into their position at the Annual General Meeting held in June every year. Each board position has a two-year term after which elections are held to elect a new member into the vacant position or re-elect the existing member into another two-year term. The Past President is an unelected role that supports Theatre Aurora but does not have a vote on decisions.


The Executive Board is made up of the President, Secretary, VP Productions, VP Operations and VP Finance.

Jason Silzer


Steve Birtles

VP Operations

Nathan Soini

Technical Director

Maria Puigbonet

Communications Director

Steve Wolfer

Past President

Shawn Rocheleau

VP Productions

Neill Kernohan


Vicki Tompkins

Marketing Director

Kirsty Campbell

Sales Director

Gerri Sefi

VP Finance

Sergio Calderon

Artistic Director

Lori Moritz

Front of House Director

Judi Cragg

Director at Large

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