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Theatre Aurora is a registered non-profit charitable organization that has been operating in Aurora since 1958. We are dedicated to providing affordable, high quality, diverse and relevant theatre that engages the community both as audience, and as creator.  We are volunteer run and operated. In 2020, we received the Arts and Culture Award from the Town of Aurora.


We produce five main-stage productions each year, including one musical. Our mainstage productions regularly receive award recognition as part of the ACT-CO regional theatre festival.  


Our Youth Program provides educational training year-round, providing exposure to, and development in, all aspects of theatre creation. The program is a fertile training ground for young artists without which many theatre artists would not have had a clear path to their career or industry.

Theatre Aurora provides the community with opportunities to rent the space for their own presentations, festivals, and productions.  With our intimate auditorium and cutting-edge technology, Theatre Aurora is a key performance venue within the town.


Theatre Aurora contributes to the larger cultural landscape of Aurora where musicians, artists, craftsmen, and dancers collaborate.

Theatre Aurora is committed to fostering and sustaining a respectful space. A respectful space is one that values diversity and inclusion, dignity, courteous conduct, fairness positive communication and professional working relationships. A respectful space is inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible and free from harassment and discrimination.

Read Theatre Aurora's Respectful Space Policy here.

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