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Executive Member – Report to President



• Ensure smooth operating of Theatre Aurora

• Bi-Monthly inspection of facility for repairs or upgrades

• Appoint, Oversee & Assist the Technical Director


• Shall be responsible for the smooth operation of Theatre Aurora’s facility.

• Shall be responsible for ensuring that the inside of the building is maintained.

• Shall report to the membership at each General Meeting

Specific Tasks:

• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions

• Responsible for arranging for contract with cleaning company/individual

• Responsible for providing a copy of the production schedule to the cleaning company.

• Ensuring that repairs are handled promptly (electrical, plumbing, heating).

• Maintaining a schedule of events at the theatre (i.e. rentals, rehearsals, auditions, productions).

• Arranging cleanups throughout the year.

• Maintaining an up-to-date listing of individuals who have keys to the building.

• Providing keys and security codes for the Board of Directors, Box Office Clerk, Cleaning Company, Productions.

• Providing a list of Board Committee Members/Contact Names to the Security Monitoring Company.

• Ensuring adequate supplies on-hand (cleaning materials, toilet paper, paper towels, urinal pucks, light bulbs).

• Arranging for snow removal service and lawn maintenance outside the building.

Skill/Experience Required:

• Prior Board Experience would be an asset.

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