In Shakespeare's great drama of loss and reconciliation, a long-deposed ruler uses magical arts to bring within their power the enemies who robbed them of their throne and was marooned on a remote island.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with a sleep" - William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Thursday, March 5th - 8pm *Opening Night*
Friday, March 6th - 8pm
Saturday, March 7th - 8pm
Sunday, March 8th - 2pm *matinee*
Thursday, March 12th - 8pm
Friday, March 13th - 8pm
Saturday, March 14th - 8pm

Produced by Barb Jones

Directed by Kris Van Soelen

Stage Managed by Vicki Tompkins


Sarah Abtan as Miranda

Joey Ferguson as Caliban & Antonio

Brian Fukuzawa as Prospero

Aidan Grossman as Botswain/Goblin/Etc.

Anna-Rose Holtrop as Bastiana

Mike Hunter as Ferdinand

Olivia Jon as Ariel

Tracy McKay as Alonsa

Andrew Pawarroo as Stephano

Jamie Sherman as Gonzalo & Trinculo

Theatre Aurora - 150 Henderson Drive - Aurora, Ontario 905-727-3669 

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