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Board Member – Report to VP Operations



• Maintain all Theatre Aurora technical equipment in good working order

• Appoint/Hire Wardrobe/Props Coordinator and Rental Tech Coordinator

• Garner interest for operators and train operators in lighting and sound


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions.


• Shall act as a resource to lighting/sound designers and operators.

• Shall develop a plan to increase the technical capacity of the theatre to allow the company more scope in lighting/sound designs.

• Shall develop and maintain policies and procedures for the management of technical resources.


• Provide advice and assistance to producers and technical crew for each production for lights, sound and projections as required.

• Provides technical information as requested to producers and technical crew for specific features for each production.

• Provides/arranges training, including providing direction and linkages to the artistic development plan.


• Provides input into workshops and seminars required to increase the knowledge and capacity of technical crews.

• Participates in developing specific training opportunities.

Resource Development:

• Develops a technical plan for the management of the technical resources of the theatre.

• Develops resource material such as books and other reference material for the company.

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