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Executive Member – Report to President



• Timely communication with Theatre Aurora members

• Promote & Sell Subscriptions/Tickets for Theatre Aurora Productions

• Appoint, Oversee & Assist the Communications Director and Director at Large


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions

• Shall prepares and publishes the agenda five days prior to the following Board meeting.

• Shall keep the Google Drive organized with all shared Theatre Aurora files

• The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings

• The Secretary takes minutes at all General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

• The Secretary is an alternate signing officer in legal transactions.

• The Secretary prepares any correspondence required on behalf of Theatre Aurora.

Specific Tasks:

• The Secretary is responsible for maintaining Theatre Aurora’s files which are the permanent records of all policy decisions made by the Board.

• The Secretary is responsible for sending cards (get well, sympathy, congratulations) to members on behalf of the group.

• The Secretary is responsible for maintaining a complete list of all members (past and present) with contact information and enters it into ArtsPeople.

Skill/Experience Preferred:

• The Secretary must be organized and have good administrative and diplomatic skills. Access to a computer is required for the publishing of minutes and correspondence. Familiarity with Robert’s Rules is helpful to ensure the Board meetings are run accordingly.

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