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Board Member – Report to VP Finance



• Promote & Sell Subscriptions/Tickets for Theatre Aurora Productions

• Create a sales strategy and calendar for promotions

• Hire & Assist the Box Office Manager


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions.

• Shall be responsible for raising non-ticket revenue to support the ongoing operations of Theatre Aurora.

• Shall be responsible for managing the smooth operation of the Box Office.

Specific Tasks:

• With the box office, create and input the Theatre Aurora season into ArtsPeople and assign ticket prices and package prices.

• Present an attendance and sales report to the Board for each production.

• Create and maintain an advertising and sponsorship package for Theatre Aurora.

• Will actively seek sponsorship and ads to raise non-ticket revenue.

• Will identify low attendance trends and implement a sales strategy to boost ticket sales for those dates identified.

• Coordinate with groups for group sales.

• Actively look for sponsorship or grant opportunities for Theatre Aurora.

Skill/Experience Preferred:

• Sales experience is an asset to conduct outbound sales calls to ensure that Theatre Aurora maintains a constant cash flow between shows and during the period when ticket sales are slow.

• Should be a problem solver and enjoy working with people.

• Basic knowledge of budgeting and forecasting is helpful.

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