The action of this clever whodunit takes place in the dressing-room of a provincial theatre during a performance of a thriller. the star, Addie, is attempting a comeback and is understudied by her best friend Millie. their constant bickering backstage belies a long history of friendship - which includes each one of them having been married to the same charming impresario, Ed Bigg, many years ago. Suspense builds when Addie begins to feel unwell and, for the first time, Millie must take her place in the Dramatic and violent last act of the play. In a startling twist, the violence becomes real - and Millie is dead. Was it suicide? Was it murder? Who put a real bullet in the gun she was using? With everyone a potential suspect, the tension doesn't let up until the final revelation unveils not only the murderer but the price some actors pay to practice their art.

Thursday, January 24th - 8pm *Opening Night*

Friday, January 25th - 8pm

Saturday, January 26th - 8pm

Sunday, January 27th - 2pm *Matinee*

Thursday, January 31st - 8pm

Friday, February 1st - 8pm

Saturday, February 2nd - 8pm *Closing Night*

“This well-written thriller revealed an entertaining

 and underlying psychological depth."

- Dover Express

Theatre Aurora - 150 Henderson Drive - Aurora, Ontario 905-727-3669 

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