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Executive Member



• Liaise with the Town of Aurora

• Assist with the activities of the VPs and Secretary

• Ensure the smooth operating of Theatre Aurora


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions

• Shall be a signing officer in legal transactions

• Shall be an alternate signing officer in financial transactions

• Shall be liaison with the Town of Aurora

• Shall be responsible for official communication of all terminations from Board, Productions or Theatre Aurora paid positions

• Responsible for handling/coordinating all rental requests

• Shall be the primary contact for the Youth Program Coordinator

Specific Tasks:

• Responsible for formation of Nominating Committee.

• Liaison with Town of Aurora Leisure Services Department regarding the lease.

• Liaison with Town of Aurora Mayor’s Office as required.

• Work with Past President on special projects or items as required.

Skill/Experience Preferred:

• Prior Board Experience would be an asset.

• Must have background knowledge of Theatre Aurora constitution and by-laws, therefore able to be an active resource to all membership.

• Maintain high profile as liaison with the community and be available as resource to all members.

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