Theatre Aurora's Online Choir


Want to be part of the Online Choir? Here's what you do.

For the first recording, we're going to be singing "Happiness" from You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Audio and Video Downloads

Note: Downloads or uploads may not work with a VPN.


You can get the sheet music here.

And for some of you who have said they don't know the song, here's a recording.

I've recorded two types of files to help you: just music or a video with me conducting. Pick either.

Make sure you position your phone or device so you get the best possible sound. If you’re using a nice camera and microphone, great! Try to eliminate background noise as much as you can and try to avoid distortion by getting too close to the mic.

Record your video using headphones. Play with the backing track so you’re in time. 


Upload your recordings/videos here. If that doesn’t work, just email it to

Rename your file in the following format: 

Bass - Neill Kernohan -

Please send your submissions by Friday, May 15 at 11:59 pm so we can try the next phase. 

I’ll take care of the rest! I’ll share it when it’s all done.


 Audio Suggestions

  • If you have access to an external microphone, that will usually yield better quality audio. 

  • Apps: 

    • Mideo Lets you record video and play an audio file simultaneously

    • Filmic Pro gives you improved advanced camera and audio controls.

    • Use your phone camera. Experiment with placement and orientation for the best sound.

    • If you have a Mac, you can use Photobooth with external or internal mic to record. 


Video Suggestions
  • Use a well-lit area so we can see your face.

  • Don’t worry about any specific fancy attire - come as you are.


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