“One Voice”

A Special Online Production

by Theatre Aurora

Sergio Calderon and Neill Kernohan

Executive Producers 


David Buffham

Lighting Design

Sergio Calderon

Production Design


Neill Kernohan

Technical Design

In light of our theatre being closed to the general public for the foreseeable future, we have been brainstorming some ideas of how we can still develop, create, and deliver high-quality entertainment for our patrons while generating a revenue stream during the shutdown.

Using one-person one-act plays from various sources, each “episode” will have an approximate run time of 20-30 minutes and a single actor will perform each. 


Director's Notes

Phase I Schedule

July 8 - WYWH (Director: Judi Cragg)

Eileen, a reclusive, middle-aged divorcee still haunted by the loss of her son, discovers a new life in the virtual world.


July 15 - Big Girl

An overweight young woman named Peggy appraises her recently purchased self-help book, "The Bigger the Better."


July 22 - A Small Act of Vandalism

Malcolm, a gentle, middle-aged soul with a troubled mind, keeps his mother's remains sealed in a small porcelain box. What he keeps hidden among his memories, however, isn't so easily contained.


July 29 - The Replica (Director: Shawn Rocheleau)

An abused wife reflects on her past and deconstructs the emergence of the replica that now haunts her present.


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