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Board Member – Report to VP Productions



• Promote & Sell Subscriptions/Tickets for Theatre Aurora Productions

• Create strategy for digital, print and media marketing

• Work with the Resident Artist and Photographer to create promotional material


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions.

• Responsible for publicity and media contact.

• Will act as liaison with other Community Theatre groups for shared marketing ventures.

Specific Tasks:

• Create a media release for season announcement.

• Create 2 media releases for each production: Auditions and Performances.

• All media releases are to be circulated to Theatre Aurora media contacts including, but not limited to: The Auroran, The Banner, Snaped, The Month Ahead, Rogers Cable, Roger’s Daytime, City-TV, 88.5 The Jewel, etc.

• Create the annual Theatre Aurora Playbill for Subscription Sales.

• Distribute the Theatre Aurora Playbill to senior homes/centres in the area.

• Distribution of all posters and postcards in relation to a specific production to partners including, but not limited to: Aurora Public Library, Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora Historical Society, The Town of Aurora, The Aurora Farmer’s Market, 4 Aurora High Schools, etc.

• Strategically distribute postcards through Canada Post to Aurora residents.

• Coordinate the creation of show posters.

• Coordinate show advertising in local media in accordance to show budgets.

• Support local community groups through donations of tickets/subscriptions to various fundraising events.

• Coordinate participation in the Aurora Culture Days.

• Coordinate participation the Annual Aurora Street Festival.

• Attend meetings for the Aurora Cultural Roundtable.

Skill/Experience Preferred:

• Word Processing/Computer Skills Required. Excellent writing and communication skills would be of great benefit.

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