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Board Member – Reports to VP Finance



• Stock and operate the Theatre Aurora front of house

• Promote & Sell Subscriptions/Tickets for Theatre Aurora Productions

• Schedule FOH Volunteers for each calendar date of function

Responsibilities / Authorities:

• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions.

• Responsible for staffing front of house for production or rental performances (as required).

• Shall ensure that sufficient stock is available for sale.

Specific Tasks:

• Maintain the Liquor License of Theatre Aurora.

• Front of House is responsible for contacting the membership to obtain three members to manage front of house for each performance at Theatre Aurora.

• Shall arrange for one of the volunteers to have Smart Serve Certification for the sales of wine and beer.

• Front of House is responsible for purchasing supplies for front of house for all performances.

• Front of House is responsible for cleaning and defrosting the refrigerator and freezer twice per year (June and December).

• Front of House is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and bar area.

• Front of House is responsible for posting a listing of front of house staff (date, name and telephone number) prior to the opening night performance of the production and is responsible for making reminder telephone calls to staff.

• Arrange for one individual to be in charge of the cash box for the evening to reconcile opening and closing balances.

• Shall maintain relevant and timely notices from other groups and partners in the lobby area.

Skill / Experience Preferred:

• Must have Smart Serve certification (or be willing to become certified).

• Friendly, pleasant manner to greet all patrons and members.

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