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Board Member – Report to VP Productions



• Assist in creating quality theatre for Theatre Aurora productions

• Appoint/Hire Directors for each Theatre Aurora production

• Responsible for the artistic integrity of Theatre Aurora


• Responsible for providing an activities report at each Board meeting and is required to be guided by Board decisions

• Select stage directors, musical director and choreographer (unless ED is applying to direct in which case this becomes the responsibility of the VP Productions for the production in question)

• Shall be the member through whom a stage director approaches the Board of Directors.

• Shall act in an advisory capacity to the stage director and assist the stage director with any problems that arise.

• Meet with the stage directors to ensure that production guidelines are followed

• In the event that a stage director is unable to appropriately direct a show, the Executive Director, after consultation with the VP of Productions and the Board (as required), finds a replacement director.

• Shall chair the Play Reading Committee and will champion the Season Recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval

• Liaise with Theatre Ontario, ACT-CO, TAPA for Audition or Hiring notices

• Update Theatre Aurora website with Audition Notices

• Shall be responsible for educational activities and programs for General Meetings

• Shall provide the Sales Director, Marketing Director and Communications Director all the information required to help promote and sell productions (author, synopsis, notable quotes, notable awards, etc.)

• Coordinate the purchasing/ordering of scripts for all Theatre Aurora productions.

• Pursue performance rights from rights holders for all Theatre Aurora productions.

Skill/Experience Preferred:

• Experience as a stage director is mandatory. Should be a problem solver and enjoy working with people. Basic knowledge of budgeting and forecasting is helpful.

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