Winner of 5 Tony Awards in 2004, Assassins uses the premise of a murderous carnival game to produce a revue-style portrayal of men & women who attempted (successfully or not) to assassinate the Presidents of the United States.  The music varies to reflect the popular music of the eras depicted. A haunting and gripping story told by those who believe "Everyone has the right to be happy..."


"..."Assassins" offers no pat answers.  Rather, its raison d'etre as a musical is to force you into and out of complacency".
- Jesse Green, The New York Times

Thursday, November 28th - 8pm
Friday, November 29th - 8 pm
Saturday, November 30th - 8 pm
Sunday, December 1st - 2 pm - *Matinee*
Thursday, December 5th -  8 pm
Friday, December 6th -  8 pm
Saturday, December 7th-  8 pm *Closing Night*

Produced by Steve Wolfer

Directed and Music Direction by Neill Kernohan

Stage Managed by Lori Moritz


Jaime Brown as Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

Sergio Calderon as John Wilkes Booth

David Cardinal as Balladeer/Proprietor

Trevor Cartlidge as Charles Guiteau

Ed Ho as Leon Czolgosz

Kerry Hobbs as Emma Goldman

Ivan Hutomo as Lee Harvey Oswald

Stefan Porfirio as Guiseppe Zangara

Mitchell Rozen as John Hinkley Jr.

Sandra Salvatore as Sara Jane Moore

Glen Warren as Samuel Byck

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