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Arsenic and Old Lace is a black comedy by American playwright Joseph Kesselring.  The plot centers on the Brewster family, a once elite American bloodline that has now descended into homicidal insanity.  Exploring themes including family loyalty, nature vs nurture, and whether we can ever truly break away from our Family's influence.  Praised for it's dark, screwball comedy tone, Arensic and Old Lace holds it's grasp on being a killer comedy.

"...This need to laugh in the face of darkness that a comedy such as Joseph Kesselring's play Arsenic and Old Lace has such an enduring quality"

- Maja Stefanovska

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 8pm *Opening Night*
Friday, October 16 - 8pm
Saturday, October 17 - 8pm
Sunday, October 18 - 2 pm *Matinee*
Thursday, October 22 - 8pm
Friday, October 23 - 8pm
Saturday, October 24 - 8pm

Producers: Lori Moritz and Judi Cragg

Director: Shawn Rocheleau

Stage Manager: Cara Telfer

Costume Design - Kirsty Campbell

Props - Julie Foster

Set Design - Shawn Rocheleau & Imre Szabo

Kay Valentine as Abby Brewster 

Donna Corbett as Martha Brewster 

Steve Birtles as Mortimer Brewster

Jessica Ducharme as Elaine Harper

David Haddad as Teddy Brewster

John Fetherston as Rev. Harper / Mr. Witherspoon

Imre Szabo as Jonathan Brewster

Glen Warren as Dr. Einstein

Tristan Stansfield as Officer Klein

Troy Stanfield as Officer Brophy

Dave Kouhi as Officer O’Hara

Tadgh O’Connell as Lieutenant Rooney

George Khajouian as Mr. Gibbs

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