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Theatre Aurora Apprenticeship Program

What is the Apprenticeship Program?


Theatre Aurora's Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for interested people to gain practical experience in a non-profit theatre organization.

What does this program look like? 

  • Training and mentorship in a supportive environment.

  • Full integration into the team, collaborating with Theatre Aurora volunteers for hands-on work experience within their disciplines.

  • Opportunities to observe and connect with dedicated theatre makers.

  • Sessions where program participants have the opportunity to learn about other areas in the organization, giving a broader exposure to the many different facets of a community theatre.

Stage Management


Stage Management Apprentices are an integral part of the stage management team in pre-production, rehearsal, and performance throughout Theatre Aurora's season. SM Apprentices work closely with Stage Managers and actors, stagehands, and directors and designers. 


Duties may include:

  • Prepping for start of rehearsals with the TA SM & ASM.

  • Tracking props, costumes, and entrances/exits.

  • Taking and distributing line notes.

  • Assisting in the maintenance of an organized, clean, and inclusive theatre.

  • Assisting the the creation and upkeep of the run sheet.

  • Involvement in the choreographing of transitions and communication with the TA ASM and crew.

  • Helping to manage backstage throughout tech and performance.


Applicants should have:

  • Strong communication skills

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Workspace programs

  • The ability to remain calm and flexible during potentially stressful situations


We recognize that some candidates feel demotivated to reach out or apply to a position if they don’t fit every qualification of an application. We know that candidates offer skills and abilities beyond those that are listed and encourage you to apply.


No renumeration is offered for this apprenticeship.


Apprentice Schedule:  While hours will vary from week to week, an average of 10 hrs/week is anticipated for this position.


Average length of typical Stage Management Apprenticeship: 6-10 weeks


How many tracks are being offered?  We are seeking up to 5 Stage Management Apprentices for the 2022-2023 season. Apprenticeship tracks vary in length based on show assignments; please indicate your availability in your email.


How to Apply: Send an email to with your interest.

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