Theatre Aurora


Theatre Aurora
150 Henderson Drive
Aurora, ON

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Maybe you would like to rent our theatre for a day, or an evening?
There is limited availability, but private rentals can be arranged.
Here is an illustration of the main floor of our theatre.
For more information, please call 905-727-3669 or email us.



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About Theatre Aurora

Theatre Aurora

Theatre Aurora at the combined ripe old age of 55 has been a member of the Association of Community Theatres - Central Ontario (ACT-CO) for many years, and a member of Theatre Ontario. The organization has received many nominations and awards at the annual ACT-CO festival and has been honoured with an invitation to remount a production for the Theatre Ontario Festival.

With a strong mandate for education, especially for young members, Theatre Aurora has two active Youth Groups, covering the 10 to 18 age range. Theatre Aurora provides the talent resources, through volunteer members and professionals in the field, to enhance this work.

Theatre Aurora's volunteers currently produce five shows and two youth group shows each year.


Sal Aguila

VP Productions
Barb Jones

VP Finance
Nick Butler

VP Operations
Steve Wolfer

Julie Foster

Executive Director
Sergio Calderon

Technical Director
Nathan Soini

Marketing & Communications Director

Front of House Director
Elizabeth O'Brien

Sales Director
Jenn Dewar

Send an email to to contact any of the board members.